Tuesday, October 31, 2017

A simple hat

What do you do with leftover yarn after a big project is finished? I hate when it happens. Because at the end of a big project I get tired of the yarn and want to move on, to a new yarn and a new project. Yet, sometimes (as a matter of fact, most of the times) there are leftovers that have to be used somehow. So, what do you do with them?
Here is one of my solutions to the leftovers dilemma: if there is enough yarn left I would make a hat that could be later gifted to someone special who wears hats or that could be worn by yours truly while walking in the Pennsylvanian woods.

After finishing my Dream cardigan I had almost two balls left of Queensland Collection Kathmandu dk yarn that I used for a simple hat.
Here is my recipe to make a seamless hat if you have 300-350 yards of dk yarn and you want to make somebody happy.
The pattern is 3x3 ribs: 3 knit sts, 3 purl sts. Pick up the amount of stitches divisible by 6 + 1 stitch on circular needles. I had 103 sts and used US 3 (3.25 mm) size needles.
Place marker and start knitting 3 knit x 3 purl. At the end of the first row join stitches in the round (DO NOT TWIST!!!). It would be easier and the edge would be more even if you knit together the last stitch of the first row with the first stitch of the second row (that is why I added an extra stitch).
Basically, this is it. Keep going in the round for as long as you want (or as long as you have yarn).
This project is very portable and could be brought to anywhere, especially to a place where people talk a lot. You don't have to pay much attention and can work on it while talking, watching movies, traveling etc.
When you think that you have ribbed enough start decreasing.
Decrease rows:
Row 1: 2 knit sts, 2 knit together through the back loop, 1 purl, 2 knit together, *1 knit, 2 knit together through the back loop, 1 purl, 2 knit together* till the end
Row 2: knit and purl all stitches as they are
Row 3: 2 knit sts, *2 knit together through the back loop, 2 knit together*
Row 4: 2 knit together throughout the row
Cut the yarn leaving a long enough tail, using a sewing needle thread the tail through all the stitches and fasten them tightly.
Pompom is optional. Go wild or go for a humble medium size - it's up to you.
If you want to make your crown bigger - add some rows between the decrease rows (for example, you can add a row or two between Row 2 and Row 3, or add another row of all knit stitches between Row 3 and Row 4).
My other solution to the leftovers problem is a big ribbed collar. Here is an example.
I made this sweater several years ago and the original pattern doesn't have any collar at all. I had quite a lot of yarn left but not enough for a whole project. Plus this sweater turned out to be extremely warm (I made it before a trip to Edinburgh in early spring) and it was logical to add a lush, cosy, ribbed collar. It became sweater/scarf combo - you definitely don't need a scarf while wearing this sweater.
Pattern  - Cable and Bobble Sweater by Debbie Bliss
Any other suggestions for leftover yarn utilization? I can't wait to hear from other knitters. Let's have a virtual "suggestion box". I promise to publish all of them and discuss the most original solutions.
Happy Halloween and happy knitting, everyone!


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